Layout for a Timeline
to celebrate the 15th-year anniversary of Yoox
YOOX Head Quarter, Milan


As part of the celebrations to mark the fifteenth anniversary of the foundation of YOOX, a Timeline has been inaugurated to describe the history of this Italian group from its foundation to the present day.
With the project YOOXGallery, the group presents and celebrates 15 years of innovation in the world of fashion and luxury: its story belongs to the world of digital innovation that has revolutionized the habits and customs of the Italians.
The images on the wall describes the group’s evolution with a three-dimensional time line integrated with a range of items, writings, photographs and digital material that make an important contribution to the story.
The chosen exhibition system organized the contents inside a grid that alternates between two- and three-dimensions.
The system is the combination of a graphic layer and a structural frame.
In addition to defining the spatial order and indicating the exhibition pathway, the graphic layer facilitates the interpretation of the exhibits, while the free-standing three-dimensional structure supports the display and the technological devices used to highlight the digital contents.


Marina Cinciripini
Vittorio Cuculo
Nicola Buccioli


Maxime Galati Fourcade


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