Interaction design for Venchi pavilion designed by Carlo Ratti Associati for FICO, the brand new Eataly’s food park in Bologna 


Dotdotdot, together with Carlo Ratti Associati, designs an interactive chocolate experience to taste Venchi’s pralines.


For the first time Dotdotdot applies Affective Computing in the field of Exhibition Design with the aim of measuring the effects of chocolate on humans.


Entering a door through the chocolate wall, visitors access a half-light room with tasting boots where they can engage in a digitally-augmented chocolate experience. A scanning device analyses each person’s face, to study the micro-movements of lips, eyebrows, nose and forehead.

Dotdotdot trained an algorithm based on Machine Learning techniques to collect and categorise data and cluster them according to the five Venchi emotions.


After the tasting, the second enclosed room is animated by archetypical human feelings, almost floating in an ethereal space, where the expressions scanned in the tasting area are projected to give back to visitors all the data collected.




A project by Carlo Ratti Associati for Venchi
Interaction Design by Dotdotdot



Daniele Ciminieri

Jordi Garreta Duarte

Federica Mandelli

Ambhika Samsen

Ernesto Voltaggio

Toby Knyvett



Daniele Iodice

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