Workshop to reinterpret Meccanica
(by the Demode engineered by Valcucine)
Valcucine showroom, Milan
Design week, Brera Design District
April 2014


11 makers, designers and planners, selected by Valcucine and dotdotdot following a call for ideas, are chosen to produce innovation on the ‘open source kitchen’ theme during Milan Design Week 2014.

Valcucine and dotdotdot revolutionize the way you design the kitchen with Kitchen becomes OPEN!, workshop to reinterpret Meccanica, by the demode engineered by

Valcucine brand.

Valcucine showroom in Corso Garibaldi 99 is transformed into a laboratory of digital fabrication.

A brain-storming marathon and incubator of ideas for the creation of new projects and solutions that develop or modify the concept of the kitchen, Kitchen becomes OPEN! is created with the aim to meet in a collaborative and participatory design on the theme of the kitchen.

During the workshop, the designers worked in close contact with the Valcucine technical department, the dotdotdot design studio and a team of experts. A set of meetings and

debates are organized during the days which will be open to the public and to which important guests are invited to share their knowledge, skill and experience, such as Giulio

Iacchetti, Stefano Maffei, Dario Buzzini, Massimo Menichinelli, Enrico Bassi, Zoe Romano and Arduino team, which actively supports the workshop.

The executable files of the project are released in the open source mode, under the Creative Commons CC by-nc-sa license, with the permission to distribute, modify and create projects based on the original, except for business purposes, recognising the author’s paternity of the project.


Project by

Demode engineering by Valcucine


Curated by



In collaboration with




Vittorio Cuculo

Marina Cinciripini






Daniele Caltabiano

Andrea De Chirico

Laurence Humier – Miss Design

Alexander Kashim – Kink Fab

Cècile Leporte – Ultra Ordinaire

Emanuele Magini

Marco Napoli

Michele Novello – Laboratorio Graffe

Liviana Osti

Francesco Rodighiero – SRA

Juan Soriano Blanco


Technical partner


DWS system




Stefania Donno

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