Interactive exhibition to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Roche Italia, designed by Dotdotdot and curated by Storyfactory.


Monza, Roche Italia company headquarters

September 2017 – May 2018


“Roche: Alongside the Italians. For 120 years”, the exhibition that celebrates the company’s 120th anniversary in Italy, is a graphic  and interaction design project by Dotdotdot reflecting the curating and storytelling strategy developed by Storyfactory.


Through the exhibition, Roche Italia opens its doors to all its stakeholders and shares with them its own story of passion, courage and integrity in a unique and engaging way. The aim is to tell the values, the emotions and the spirit that in 120 years of life have allowed Roche to have a huge impact on the lives of Italians, improving their health.


The installations are divided into five thematic areas – “Roche. Alongside the Italians. For 120 years”, “The foresight that guides us”,”The courage of the research”, “The customised medicine”, “We at Roche Italy “- five stages of a single story.


Animazioni generative, interazioni analogiche e digitali, tra ghiere e visori proprio come un ricercatore, guideranno il visitatore in un’esperienza immersiva, e alla scoperta della medicina del futuro – sempre più personalizzata e vicina ai bisogni dei pazienti.


Generative animations, analogical and digital interactions, rings and viewers like a researcher, guide the visitor in an immersive experience to discover the medicine of the future – more personalized and close to the needs of the patients.


The exhibition set in the Agora is also visible from the upper corridors, along which a graphic story about Roche’s contribution to the history of medicine unfolds.




Nicola Buccioli

Marina Cinciripini

Daniele Ciminieri

Jordi Garreta

Ambhika Samsen

Ernesto Voltaggio



Cortili Photo


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