Exhibition design for Pitti Immagine

From 2009 to 2010

Fortezza Da Basso, Florence


The exhibition setting for the event L’Altro Uomo, that took place in the beautiful location of the Fortezza da Basso, was especially created with the aim to enhance the visibility of the companies involved and help the public in the enjoyment of the happening.

The long way approach was divided in frames, singles sections rhythmically repeated creating a new kinetic image.

The visitor, passing along the different spaces, had the sensation to walk through an optical tunnel due to the chromatic choice and variation of black and white.

The frames, joint together in couple thanks to a system of grooves able to alternate black and white, become the driving element of the two- way flows, one totally white and the other totally black spotted by some touch of red used for the graphic design and the brand communication as for the rest seats between one frame and the following one.



Massimo Faion



Valentina Zanobelli



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