Exhibition design for

Pitti Immagine

Fortezza da Basso, Florence

From 2010 to 2012


The project stems from the need to rethink the exhibition space, to study a new method of flexible and dynamic stand design, where the spatial arrangement is not repetitive but invites the visitor to proceed, intriguing the visitor and pushing him to continue his path.

The new concept, with an open plan, breaks the shape of the classic stand and takes on a contemporary character, stands are no longer pigeonholed into rigid perimeters, but every individual piece takes part in the construction of the general atmosphere, a collective value.

The exhibition stands, conceived as modularly equipped scenes, rotate, delimiting the areas belonging to exhibitors depending on spacial needs, and are also equipped with modular elements, depending on the different display needs.

The atmosphere is reminiscent of a work in progress, an atelier, an avant-garde creative laboratory where work is produced and displayed, where everything is in continuous transformation and experimentation.

There is a sense of contemporary culture.

The project also recalls the wooden toys of children, the laminated fir-wood creates a warm atmosphere, the graphics located on the equipped modular scenes give a fresh feeling and participate in the dreamy construction of the imaginary world of a child.



Massimo Faion

Yun Hye Choi



Valentina Zanobelli





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