Exhibition design for Dotdotdot and OpenDot’s section inside “999. A collection of questions on contemporary living”


Triennale Design Museum, January – April 2018


Co-design, open source and digital innovation can improve our living?

This is the question that Dotdotdot arises, one out of the 999 that constitute the investigation on contemporary living, for the exhibition conceived and curated by Stefano Mirti.

The exhibition is a 3-month journey and consists of a series of events and activities willing to illustrates housing as we have never seen before.


“We are increasingly experiencing a hybridization of domestic and working environment, of production and consumption, of public and private.


Micro-factory is a laboratory of possibility; a system of relations, activities, experiences and projects in which unexpected development trajectories converge generating innovation.


Dotdotdot, with the support of OpenDot and other partners, introduces a calendar of events organized in an open space animated by people and projects; a workshop where almost anything can be done and created with knowhow, open source philosophy and numerically controlled machinery, such as come laser cutter and 3D printers.


An exchange platform, a laboratory halfway between a parlor where ideas are shared and a garage where objects are built; a hybridization that gives life to projects, reflections and solutions able to expand our way of living and improve it.

A production site in the city that fosters the development of relations and innovations in the field of design, and not only, focusing on four different topics: health, food, kids and smart living.


What are, therefore, the possible scenarios? How the changes in the new digital manufacturing technology affect design? Is co-planning the best vehicle towards innovation?”




Sara Maniscalco

Federica Mandelli

Paolo Simeone

Johannes Klein

Leoni Fisher




Omar Sartor

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