Mobile exhibition design for Make in Italy

Auditorium Parco della Musica

Maker Faire Rome, October 2014


Fifty years after the invention of the first Olivetti pc, the Make in Italy Foundation has organized an exhibition-installation to celebrate half-a-century of Italian inventions starting with Programma 101.

Well-known articles that have defined the sector’s history and the technology sit side-by-side with unknown and astonishing inventions.

The exhibition layout is based on the chronological narration split by decades.

The display unit, consisting of a modular box, was inspired by packing cases used to transport and ship merchandise.

The articles on display are transported inside customized cases that are used as the display cabinets during the exhibition.

Each box or group of boxes corresponds to a specific decade.

Colors, graphic styles, materials, typographical characters, textures, visual references and cultural links recreate the moods and the imagination of each decade.

Discovers and inventions are exalted by the integrated interpretation of the relative social and temporal context.
The clear definition allows the visitors to easily recognize the individual theme without distorting the uniform language of the exhibition and the overall perception of the event.

The exhibition unfolds through a series of experiences and contents that appear along a casual and versatile display route, that adapts easily to a number of different contexts.

The modular structure is the common factor in the layout; it maintains a support function for documents and display units to create a backdrop inspired by cables for energy supplies or connections to the network with the identification of each different theme component.
The use of PVC pipes or connections reflects the philosophy of re-usable structures, and this facilitates the repeat experience in the successive ‘stops’ for the exhibition, embracing modularity appropriate in the world of makers: the use of decontextualized materials and items adapted to new requirements.



Marina Cinciripini

Vittorio Cuculo

Nicola Buccioli



Mattia Balsamini

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