Urban generative objects and a workshop

CCD The Community - CAFA Media Lab

Beijing Design Week, September 2012


Interactive Urban Furniture is a project that reasons about the city, the neighborhood, its public spaces and that puts two different cultures in relation with one another- a chance to get to know the potential of two compared countries,

China and Italy.

The intervention transforms the urban public spaces of the Cao Changdi Village neighborhood into places of encounter able to stimulate socialization between inhabitants and visitors.

Interactive Urban Furniture is a pretext to preserve the time and emotions of the sociality of sharing.To think about the topic of the encounter socialization and ‘taking time’.

Structured in two different moments: design and realization of a family of urban furniture able to trigger moments of interaction between people inspired by the Chinese tradition of the games played in public spaces, and a workshop for Interactivebeijing which takes place in the CAFA Media Lab, open to students, designers, artist, architects who put together an interactive installation with the support of dotdotdot.



Ambhika Samsen

Giulia Ruzzenenti