Series of OpenTalk curated by Dotdotdot together with OpenDot and Carlo Ratti Associati


“999. A collection of questions on contemporary living”
Triennale Design Museum, January – April 2018


For the Triennale’s exhibition  “999. A collection of questions on contemporary living” Dotdotdot and OpenDot present “Micro-Factory – A place like home”,  a temporary laboratory, a series of events, an exchange platform, a place halfway between a parlor where ideas are shared and a garage where objects are built.

For the Future Living chapter, Dotdotdot together with OpenDot and Carlo Ratti Associati curated a series of OpenTalk that tackle the topic of contemporary living and how technologies  are progressively influencing our daily life, both on the domestic and urban sphere.


How will our way of living change with digital technologies, IoT and sharing services?
Technology is gradually occupying physical spaces; our homes and our cities are increasingly surrounded by Big Data and digital interactions.
In the upcoming years more and more places of our everyday living will feature advanced infrastructures and systems able to “hear and respond” to our needs in order to improve comfort and implement impact energy efficiency with low environmental impact.


A panel of experts from all around the world shared their views on 3 main topics


IoT – I hear lot of things / 02.02.2018

Starting from the Lift-Bit project as a case study, we discuss on contemporary  and future scenario from IoT (Internet of Things) to IoF (Internet of Furniture) together with Andrea Cassi (Carlo Ratti Associati), Alessandro Masserdotti (Dotdotdot and OpenDot), Michele Aquila (Domus Academy) and Paolo Ferrarini, researcher, professor, content curator and journalist for Cool Hunting.
Streaming on the OpenDot’s Youtube channel  here.


Automated City / 23.02.2018

Technologies are increasingly present in our lives, radically transforming behaviors and values and changing the way we intend cities.
Every day we leave behind us hundreds of data, ‘fingerprints’ that we unknowingly generate. How all this could affect the way we live in the city? How could the use of data improve the quality of services, the environment and citizens’ lives?
How will the city of the future be? How smart will our houses be? Who will drive our cars?
But above all, will you be willing to share all your data for a better collective way of living?
An open discussion with the speculative designer Benedikt Groß, author of “Generative Design” and co-founder of Moovellab, and with the teacher and researcher Daniele Guglielmino from Polytechnic of Turin.


Common Ground / 16.03.2018

An open discussion led by Annalisa Rosso, journalist, curator, consultant and head of content at Domusweb, to explore practices of co-living together with the curator and creative director of Beijing Design Week (2012-2016) and co-founder of B / Side Design Beatrice Leanza and Marco Maria Pedrazzo from Carlo Ratti Associati.
Common ground investigates the present and the future of shared spaces and services in the age of technologies and big data, in a historic moment in which our cities run fast towards a digital future, that makes them increasingly efficient and responsive.
Where does the design is currently standing, and how? Are we already facing the need to redefine the concept of city and public space, home and private space, social life and shared services? And yet, why we talk about hybrid space so often?



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