Exhibition design for
Rooms by Elle Decor Italia
Palazzo Morando / Costume Moda Immagine, Milan
6th – 18th October 2015


The interiors of Milan’s Palazzo Morando,

Costume Moda Immagine [ Customs Fashion Image ] was the backdrop for the project ‘Rooms’, an exhibition organized by Elle Decor Italia to celebrate its first 25 years.

The sharp architectural design conceived by dotdotdot inject the interiors with uniqueness and contaminate the styles conferring severity, support and shape.
The exhibition pathway, the spatial layout and the theater stage-like structure that frames each ambience – from the designer rooms to the photographic exhibition – repeat the

three-dimensional frames.
The wooden frames of the stages generously express atmospheres created by the blend of furnishings, colors, textures, materials and lights.

There are seven exhibition halls, envisaged as boxes; they contain imaginary micro-worlds; these represent something unusual expressed through the vision of the designer and the international stylists and was defined in collaboration with the textile designers and producers.
From the ad hoc sets, the exhibition progresses to the cinematographic sets of two short films produced for the big screen by Elle Decor Italia.
A cinema hall projects the films ‘Marina’ and ‘Swing’ directed by young filmmakers, under the artistic direction of Silvio Soldini; they were produced in the OffiCine workshop.
The exhibition proceeds with the projection of images sourced from the historical archives of Elle Decor Italia with the animation devised and produced by Davide Rapp injecting additional energy.
The pathway concludes with the photographic exhibition, Design Portfolio: this is a wonderful series of images selected by the careful eye of Elle Decor Italia depicting furnishings and items that tell the story of design over the last 25 years.


Marina Cinciripini


Maxime Galati Fourcade
Stefano G. Pavesi

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