Exhibition design for
‘Leonardo da Vinci’ National Science and Technology Museum, Milan

2nd April – 12th September 2016


Dotdotdot designed the layout for Confluence, part of the 21st edition Triennale di Milano International Exhibition and promoted by the ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ National Museum of Science and Technology, Milan. The exhibition provides visitors with an opportunity to explore design, investigate and experience the complexities of the world. The layout designed for Confluence develops the idea that knowledge itself is one way to experience the world; an original story about the River Po expresses the uninterrupted flow of life, the progression of events and know-how carried by the currents. The exhibition pathway designed by dotdotdot has an open – and not a crystalized – format; it flows like the waters of the river and is varied like the territories the river meanders through. The territory around the river banks forms a tangible environment for the visitor.

Dotdotdot tells a different story about the River Po and its territory: the story is based on visual and sound suggestions that illustrate to the visitor the concept that permeates the exhibition and explains how the earth (and the territories) are connected. Each one of us, thanks to our personal knowledge and actions, is part of a complex network of relationships. Once the visitor enters the exhibition space, a series of events in a non-linear arrangement confirms this idea. The exhibition is part of the Triennale di Milano International Exhibition called “21st Century. Design After Design”

(2 April -12 September 2016).



Marina Cinciripini
Vittorio Cuculo
Nicola Buccioli


Laura Fantacuzzi
Maxime Galati Fourcade