Exhibition Design for Cantine San Marzano

Vinitaly Verona, 15th-18th april 2018
Prowein Düsseldorf, 18th-20th march 2018

Puglia, a small town’s Square, a space, the geometry, the lights, the shadows… the celebration.

These are the key words by which to describe the stand of Cantine San Marzano at Vinitaly Verona, and Prowein in Düsseldorf. The Southern Town Square is the location of many a rendezvous and celebrations, the heart of every town, it’s loveliest corner.

Dotdotdot recreates the typical Puglia town square, using both its actual and symbolic meanings as a foundation. We enter the stand by walking through the white ornate light fixtures, simplified in their color and design to fit in with the elegance and linearity of the San Marzano graphics.

We arrive at the center of the space, a social gathering spot furnished with simple tables and chairs, distinguished by its brightness and the white color, simulating sunlight in addition to underlining the material consistency of the elements.

On the side walls the wine racks represent the windows of the houses, with the play of light and shadows being emphasized by the golden geometrical shapes, which project the shadow of the window on the wall, graphically recalling the wine labels.

The space is simple, collected, cosy, managing to combine tradition, regional character and modernism. Those are some of the common values that connect each one of the over than 1200 winemakers that make up the Cantine San Marzano.


Nicola Buccioli
Sara Maniscalco



Cortili Photo


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